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Frequently asked questions!

Ok so, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!! These are questions I get asked often, so hopefully, you find them useful. If you need to know anything else….you know what to do!!

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I actually love being infront of the camera for once, you

nailed it

Do you need a deposit?

Yes please, I do. The only way to secure your date is by whoever gets there first. It’s the only way to be fair. I can not hold dates as it means turning another potential booking down. I only shoot 25/30 weddings a year. I don’t photograph any more than this, so I don’t get burnout-as creative burnout is a real thing you know!!

Once I have the booking form and contract signed, I ask for a £300 (£800 for destinations) booking fee, and the remaining balance is due 6/8 weeks before the big day. Then whooooohooooo, I’m all yours.

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I hate my picture being taken. I feel so awkward in front of the camera.

Yeah, me too. I actually wince in front of the camera. Every one of my couples I book also feels like this, so you’re not alone. However, the only cheese I like is the edible kind, so when it comes to your portraits, I won’t ask you to smile. I won’t force anything that looks fake. I want lots of howling laughter, rolling giggles, and hugs. I have a great knack for putting you at ease, then it’s a little bit of magic what happens. I promise, you will not even realise it is happening. I can also promise, you will be laughing and come away saying, wow, that was actually fun!!

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Why would you need a second photographer?

I would say if you are having guests of about 90 and over, then yes, a second photographer would be a good idea. You will gain more candid images of family and friends. It also means you can have both preps covered and see all the happenings on each other’s mornings. 

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Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured with public liability and employers’ liability, so if your venue requests proof, I can send this over with no probs.

I also have backup equipment on the day kept in my car. And a stack of batteries and memory cards. OCD is real!! After the wedding, when the real OCD kicks in, your images are backed up to multiple hard drives and numerous cloud drives. This is what many of us photographers talk about when we get together. I know it’s a lot of geeky unsexy stuff! 

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What do we get, and how long does it take to get our images? 

I take an unlimited amount of pictures on the day. I never go into your wedding with a checklist and limit to shoot. I usually deliver around 400/800 images, one set in high resolution to print and the other in a lower resolution for social media. I aim to provide you with your photos within 8/10 weeks. However, I know you will be itching to see something, so I will send you a preview of some of my favorites within the first few days; so, while you are mini mooning, full mooning, or just hanging with your besties, you can re-live the epic day while it is still super fresh. 

Abersoch Wedding Photography, Wales, Sarah Bruce

I've noticed you don't show many group shots or detail shots. Do you shoot these?

The straightforward answer is yes; of course, I do. If you have gotten this far, you know I capture real emotive moments, laughter, and epic couple portraits. In fact, most of my couples book me for my portrait style, however, family photos are super important. They become lasting memories of loved ones in years to come. So a question I get asked often is, ‘how long will they take?’. Couples and guests hate standing around for ages waiting, looking fed up and uncomfortable…so if you have a list of 20/30 different family combinations, then I’m probably not the photographer for you. However, if you want a few fantastic photos of fabulous nearest and dearest, then great, we are on the same page. Oh, and I forgot to mention, there are often a few funny group photo’s thrown in between too! 

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I'm nervous in case it rains?

If you guys are relaxed, think what the heck, go with the flow, and embrace the rain, then, WOW, you will get great images. No matter the weather, I will be shooting your wedding; it’s another way to let out the creative bug in me. And if it snows, then you will find me creating snow angels!!! 

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Do you provide albums?

Yes, of course, I design every album with attention to detail and the same energy I bring to the wedding. With many paper and cover options to suit any style you like. I love designing albums, seeing your day documented and printed is stunning, in my opinion, the best way to view your images.

Can I order prints?

Oh yes, the value of a print is something to consider. Family and friends and of course you, can order prints from the gallery store, it is super easy.

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, Wharfedale Grange, Sarah Bruce

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