Mums play such a massive part on the wedding day. Often calming nerves, running about like headless chickens, so it’s always essential for me to get a unique image of all you gorgeous mums. Something that shows strength yet, at the same time, a serene moment. As a photographer, when we get together with our peers, we have exciting debates about the importance of when we decide to press the shutter button. We often question why we are drawn to certain things more than others. I always seem to home in on mums. I have a super close relationship with my mum. She is my best pal, and I love her dearly- we have so much fun together. I also have the same connection the other way round with my two amazing daughters, I feel so lucky, so when I see brides and mums closeness on a wedding day, it melts my heart.

Power to all you mums out there!

Knowsley Hall Wedding Photography | Sarah Bruce Photography

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